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Whether a TV-report, documentary or the like turns out to be a success is greatly depending on the post production. Although scripts or story boards are available before filming begins post production is the step where picture, audio, music, voiceover and effects are composed to be a integral entity. Often times it turns out that it is all about the well-rehearsed interaction between information, emotion and the plot. Above all this stands the directors/producers main comment, the main statement that he is trying to make with his format, which must never be neglected throughout the process of post production.


The workflow in post production varies greatly, depending on the choice of film technology, the amount of CGI that has to be produced and which finished product is desired.


This makes the cutter vital to the whole process of post production. He connects film- and audio material, according to the directors wishes, to a sensible entity and therefore plays an important role in the creative composition of the to-be-finished product.



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He works in the cutting studio, tightly communicating and located directly next to the author, journalist, producer or director. He interprets the visual language of the cameraman and discusses the creative possibilities according to the demands of the director or producer.


Our cutters are well aware of the technical guidelines given by the broadcast companies and always accord to the creative challenges of the different TV formats.



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