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Prettifying a persons face requires a high degree of creativity and skill as a make-up artist – which, working for movies and television, is a dream job for many people.


The very specific requirements however are only met by the best make-up artists in the country. They often spent years gathering experience in advertisement productions or major theatres before they are able to take the big step working in the movie- and television industry.


Precision in all imaginable domains is absolutely necessary, subject-specific and also time-wise. The tasks include not only classical make-up, but also the mastering of all hairstyles, preparation of wigs and the ability to prepare whatever specific make-up is needed according to the role (e.g preparing a witch's wart, making someone look scarred – to put the directors instructions to reality, precise but also creative). Which, in the end, has to be perfectly assembled with costume and the actors' role.


Lastly, a make-up artist must have the ability of perfect social interaction with the actors and must be able to emphasise with them, since the time spent in the make-up room cannot only be long, but also emotionally demandind, especially for the actors.



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