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There are substantial differences between the production of TV-reports and documentaries and the production of movies as we know it. Everything happens  considerably faster and often times the stage of planning has to happen in a much quicker fashion. Research, planning, and the start of the filming often happen on very tight schedules due to the up-to-dateness of the topics, sometimes these things even happen all at once, and the program is about to be aired within the next few hours.


Documentaries and TV-reports barely cause  the same effort as a classical movie production, although that might cause the excitement behind it, additional to the fact that the production of a documentary leaves much more freedom in how the plot is designed and much more creative space for the starring people.


Nevertheless a documentary is produced according to a script, but the actual situation on the scene is far less predictable and is often decided by the „real world“.

All that means an exciting and thrilling assignment for the cameraman, audio operator, floor manager and assistants.



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